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Monday, March 08, 2021
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Church Planting

2008-01-27Church Planters in Goettingen
Ask God for wisdom, insight, discernment, and endurance for these church planters, as well as for others to join them in this effort.
2007-11-29Two missionary families associated with our congregation
Ask the Lord on their behalf for adequate supporters for their work, both financially and spiritually.
2007-11-29Financial Resources for Church Planters in Goettingen
Please ask the Lord to provide for the needs of the church planter and family in Goettingen.  Their financial situation is quite difficult now.
2007-11-05German language congregation in Sehnde
Praise God for the German language house church started by a family that attends HIBC.  Ask for His continued blessing on their fellowship.
2007-10-28God's guidance in starting new congregations
Possibly in Hildesheim, Kassel, Braunschweig


2010-08-11Those family members who do not yet believe


2008-01-27God would use each of us to evangelize the lost in Hannover
2007-11-29Reach university students
2007-11-29Getting out information about HIBC to the local internationals
2007-11-05Find and reach internationals English-speakers married to Germans


2008-01-27Growth of HIBC
2007-11-05Men of the church
To become model leaders, husbands who love their wives as Christ loves His church, and fathers who set a Godly example for their children.
2007-11-05Women of the church
To Love their husbands as we are to love our Lord, and to become mothers who set a Godly example for their children.
2007-11-05God would direct all of our steps
2007-11-05God would bind us together
2007-11-05God would use us for His glory in Hannover
2007-10-28God would empower us to fulfill His purpose for us
2007-10-28God would give us one mind
2007-09-17God would empower us to fulfill His purpose for us
2007-09-04Hunger and thirst for God's Word
2007-09-04Live out our faith at church, at work, at home, and at school


2010-08-11Serious problems
Please pray for someone in Hannover who wishes to remain anonymous.  There are problems personally, relationally, with the family, and physically.  Prayer, support, and encouragement are requested, without judgment. 

Ministry Needs

2007-11-29Simultaneous Translation
God's direction in starting this ministry and people who are called to perform this service.
2007-11-05People gifted in evangelism
2007-10-28Leaders for Teens
2007-10-28Sound Technicians


2010-08-11Mission Trip
For God's guidance in determining whether to send a mission team, and God's direction throughout the planning of the trip.
2010-08-11Payatas, Philippines
Jack and Malou Wilson minister to the Payatas in the Philippines, brining the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as meeting physical needs (food, clothing, and shelter).
2010-08-11Missionary family near Hannover
That God would open doors for the Gospel to reach the people of Mauritania.  That God would use HIBC somehow to reach the people of Mauritania.  For God to be glorified in the lives of faithful Christians living there.
2007-11-05Salvation of Kurds in Hannover

Other English language sister churches

2008-01-27Our region of Germany
International English-language churches in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Bielefeld, Goettingen, Celle, and the two churches in Hannover.

Other Requests

2010-08-11Legal problems
Christy, from the U.S. has serious legal and family problems.   Please pray for a good resultion.  She is not associated with HIBC.

Worldwide Needs

2010-08-11Learn to hate sin
Please join me in a prayer for the body of Christ to hate sin and kill it. We are not called to accomodate sin. The wages of sin has always been death. so if sin will kill those who partake of it, then we need the spirit of God to teach us how to hate sin!