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Monday, May 17, 2021
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Living in Hannover

Panoramic views of Hannover.  It's almost like being there!

wundergroundEverything about the weather in Hannover.
hannoveronlineHannover Online.  A wealth of information in English!  Features upcoming events, sightseeing, tourist information, traveling, traffic, transport, hotels, going out and nightlife, information and services, fairs and conferences.

International Women's Association Hannover.  A super organization for English-speaking newcomers as well as those who are settled in.  It offers service opportunities, social events, information about living here, and a real sense of community.

How to Germany.  Archives of information for expatriates living in Germany!  Everything you need to know in order to settle in:  getting a driver's license, securing a work permit, applying for a residence permit, cultural differences, buying a car, taxes, schools, health insurance, and so much more.

Book for Expatriates in Hannover:

"Surviving and Thriving in Hannover" by the International Women's Association Hannover. This helpful guide to living in Hannover is available at the information stand in the Neue Rathaus at Trammplatz 2. Telephone: 0511 / 1 68 4 26 28.


Books for Expatriates living in Germany:

  • Living and Working in Germany by Nick Daws, et al
  • The German Way by Hyde Flippo
  • When in Germany, Do as the Germans Do by Hyde Flippo
  • Lonely Planet Germany by Andrea Schulte-Peevers, et al
  • In the Know in Germany by Jennifer Phillips, et al
  • Germany by Greg Nees
  • Germany and the Germans by John Ardagh, Katharina Ardagh
  • Culture Shock! Germany by Richard Lord
  • Culture Shock!  Succeed in Business by Richard Lord
  • The Expert Expatriate by Melissa Brayer Hess, Patricia Linderman
  • The Germans by Gordon A. Craig
  • Understanding American and German Business Cultures by Patrick Schmidt, Patrick L. Schmidt
  • The Cambridge Illustrated History of Germany by Martin Kitchen
  • German Survival Guide by Elizabeth Bingham
  • 1001 Pitfalls in German  by Henry Strutz 

HIBC is an international English-language church serving Hannover, Germany.